30,000 years ago, at least two Chronicoms were send to observe and document the development of sentient life on a primitive planet known as Earth. Assuming the names Noah and Enoch, the two Chronicoms followed the development of humanity for millennia, with a strict code of not interfering in the natural Human history. However, this policy had an exception in case of an extinction-level event.[1]

When Enoch learned of an impending destruction of the planet, he and a team of humans kidnapped S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and used the White Monolith to send them forward in time to the year 2091. Enoch himself departed to wait over the upcoming apocalypse in a ship orbiting Jupiter.[1]

Noah meanwhile remained at the Lighthouse, where several months later he welcomed the team who had successfully returned from the future. Unfortunately, Noah was killed soon afterwards by an explosione that destroyed the three Monoliths.[2]

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