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At the time of Noah, men began to populate the Earth, and built great cities, but turned away from the way of God, except for Noah and his family.

God saw humanity's evil and decided to wipe out the species. However, upon seeing the faithfulness and righteousness of Noah and his family, God told Noah to create an ark so that he and his family might be saved from the coming cataclysm. Noah obeyed, and he built an ark and put upon it his wife, his sons and their wives, and one male and female from each species of animals so that they all might be saved.[1]

Throughout the building process Noah was mocked, but soon the gigantic Flood promised by God came and destroyed most life on Earth, except for those in Noah's ark. For forty days, the storm kept on, after which a man from the race of Eternals named Ikaris (who had survived the flood by levitating above it) flew to Noah's ark to direct it toward dry land and safety. Noah saw Ikaris but mistook him for a bird, and followed Ikaris to a dry mountaintop which he landed his ark upon.[2][1]

Noah sent a dove to scout, but it returned to the ark as the Earth was still drowned. Seven days later, he sent the dove out again and it returned with a green olive leaf. Seven days later, he sent the dove out a third time and she did not return because there was dry land, so God told Noah to leave the ark with all its inhabitants.

Noah's people built an alter to burn offerings to God, who was pleased and promised that such a purge would never occur again. God used the rainbow as a sign of fidelity to to his promise.[1]

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