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Noah Synge was the leader of Synge business and of the Greater Nevada Syndicate, and the father of Desdemona and Lytton.

Keeping an hatred for the Mega-Corporations, he had although the same attitude for the people, being the leader of the "Red Market", a capture, enslavement and murder activity of his casino, turned as a spectacle, on decreds, nomads, degens or mutants.

Given an ultimate warning by the mutant and X-Men Xi'an Chi Xan, he was found dead on his horse in the stables, his flesh decomposed on his skeleton. His son Lytton immediately accused Xi'an, and after have set a sniper to terminate him, launch an assault on Nuevo Sol Arcology to destroy the mutants.

It was later revealed that it was Lytton Synge who had planned his father's death.

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