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Nobu was a mob boss operating in Hell's Kitchen, allied with Wilson Fisk.[1] Nobu would help Fisk in exchange for the acquisition of a particular block in Hell's Kitchen.[2] He was part of an unknown Japanese organization.

He was expecting the arrival of a shipment containing the "Black Sky," and he was forced to flee with him when the vigilantes Matt Murdock and Stick appeared. As Murdock dealt with Nobu's remaining men in the docks, Stick tracked down the car they escaped in and killed the Black Sky.[3]

Nobu in his ninja attire

Nobu's superiors pressured him after the failure of the Black Sky into finishing his dealings with Fisk. Fisk offered to prioritize the city block Nobu was promised - where there were problems regarding tenancy and neighbors unwilling to vacate - if he took down the masked vigilante. Nobu paid a junkie to kill one of the last holdouts against the vacancy, which enraged the masked vigilante, and led him to a warehouse in Pier 81, where Nobu waited for him.

Murdock confronted Nobu, who proved a superior fighter to the vigilante, heavily injuring him. After being thrown against a batch of barrels and being soaked in oil, Nobu was ignited in fire when the fight caused a ceiling lamp to spark. Nobu tried to keep on fighting, but was knocked down and ultimately left to burn.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Nigh-Immortality: Elektra has heard rumors about his nearly ageless lifespan as well as the fact that he has resurrected from death many times as well.


Businessman: Nobu has a wealth of experience with smuggling and dealing in various other illicit trades.[1]

Martial Arts: Nobu is a skilled warrior using traditional Japanese martial arts. Unarmed, he fights with quick series of punches and kicks, reinforced somewhat by sturdy boots and gauntlets. He is also proficient in shurikenjutsu, and uses bo shuriken for his opening attack. In close range encounters Nobu fights with a kyoketsu-shoge.[2]



  • Bo shuriken
  • Kyoketsu-shoge


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