Nocculus was one of the newly-manifested Nuhumans, and a member of Lash's tribe. He accompanied Lash and Sheath to Jakarta, because of Hollow's actions, and encountered Haechi, whom they tried to convince to join them.[1]

They were unsuccessful due to the intervention of Haechi's teammates, the New Warriors. Sheath and the rest of The Tribe then retreated with the help of Nightfall's teleportation abilities.[2]


Mind Control: Nocculus uses his third eye to mentally manipulate individuals into biding his will. He is capable of controlling numerous individuals at the same time.[2]

  • Genetic Power Sensing: Nocculus can track the presence of other super-humans in the vicinity and also detect the power signatures to determine whether the person is a mutant, clone, Inhuman or any other power-based individual through the eyes of whoever he is using his mind control abilities on.[2]

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