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Nocona was a warrior of the Kiowa Native American tribe who was active during the late 1840s during the height of the Mexican-American war. He sought to convince his tribe to go to war against the Osage tribe despite both peoples having signed a peace treaty. He began instigating war, however the local Indian Agent intervened and as a result the chief of the Kiowa exiled Nocona from the tribe. Embittered and still seeking to wipe out the Osages, Nocona gathered a small band of renegade Native Americans and also plotted revenge against the man who had him exiled. Nocona murdered the man, hoping to frame the killing on the Osages.

However the man's son, Billy Buckskin, determined that the killing was a frame up after examining the arrow and determining that it was of Kiowa design, not Osage. Billy and his father's long time friend Soapy tracked down Nocona and his renegade band. While the pair were busy fighting his forces, Nocona cowardly fled the scene. Billy vowed to hunt down Nocona to avenge his father's death[1].

Nocona resurfaced soon after with a gang of renegade warriors and kidnapped Billy and his girlfriend Sally Frosby while they were out riding horses. Nocona took Sally hostage and sent Billy to Fort Ironsides to negotiate a trade of weapons for Sally's life. Billy appeared to comply, but with the help of his friend Soapy and the soldiers at the Fort, they rescued Sally and destroyed the weapons given to the renegades. Although Nocona's plots were filed, he still managed to escape[2]. Nocona attempted yet again to get illicit firearms, this time from crooked fur trappers, but this plot also was foiled by Billy and Soapy[3].

Nocona's subsequent activities are unknown, and it is unknown if he was ever brought to justice for the murder of Billy's father.



Nocona had a knife and a bow and arrow.


Nocona rode a horse.

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