Nogatmi was a spy for the Imperial Japanese army during World War II. Stationed in New York City, by the start of 1944, he had taken the place of Chinese religious leader Ching Toy, who claimed he was a fire-god and had a legion of loyal followers in New York's Chinatown. Taking Ching Toy's place, Nogatmi threatened Ching Toy's daughter Mae with her father's life if she did not help maintain the ruse. Nogatmi then amassed a legion of homeless drug addicts (called "Snowbirds" due to their dependence to cocaine) by offering them the drugs they needed. This provided him a legion of loyal followers who were willing to commit acts of arson in exchange for a continued supply of drugs.

When one such arsonist was captured by Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes, they found an flier for Ching Toy's church and decided to investigate it as Captain America and Bucky. There, with the aid of Mae, they learned the truth and exposed Ching Toy. In the resulting fight against an army of drug addled homeless men, Captain America and Bucky failed to stop Nogatmi from mortally wounding the real Ching Toy and escaping.

They learned from the dying Ching Toy that Nogatmi was intending to set fire to an ammunition warehouse near the Brooklyn Bridge. Following Nogatmi there, Cap and Bucky clashed with the spy, forcing him to try and flee the scene. Nogatmi attempted to escape by climbing the support cables of the Brooklyn Bridge. However, his demise came when his flaming head piece burned through the rope he was climbing with, causing him to fall into the East River, dying on impact with the water below.[1]


Nogatmi had various flame throwers and blowtorches for the purposes of committing arson.

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