Nogor was The Talisman, a representation of the Skrull Gods. His presence was required to ensure the Gods' blessings on the Skrulls endeavors,[2] his faith was so strong that he sacrificed his eyes to the gods.[3] During the Skrull invasion of Earth, Nogor appeared under the guise of Longshot and hooked up with the mutant Darwin.[1] He was revealed to be a Skrull[2] and was defeated by X-Factor Investigations as well as She-Hulk and her partner Jazinda.[4][5]


  • Skrull Shapeshifting
  • Belief Empowerment: Nogor's religious belief and conviction empowers him, the more he believes the more powerful he is. Due to this he is superhumanly durable and can fly.[4] This also allows for;
    • Conviction Energy Blasts: Nogor possessed the power to fire blasts of golden energy.[2] This energy can also be used to hold an enemy afloat.[4]
    • Extrasensory Perception: Despite having no eyes in his natural form, Nogor was able to perceive his surroundings.[3]
  • Skrull Infiltration Ritual:
    • Powers and Abilities of Longshot[1]
    • Telepathic Immunity: Due to the Infiltration Ritual, Nogor's mind was indistinguishable from that of Longshot, making it impossible for a telepath to learn his true identity from his mind.[2]


Jazinda believed that if someone was able to believe with more conviction than Nogor, then they would be capable of defeating him.

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