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Noh-Varr's Kree Ship

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Marvel Boy's Ship
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Parallel-Kree Exploration Vessel[1]
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Marvel Boy taking the pilot's seat


This Kree space cruiser seems to share the same properties and design sensibility as Marvel Boy's metamorphic Gauntlets.[2] The portions of the ship is able to reshape, and ships appears capable of self-repair from damage.[3] The ship is propelled by Kirby engines, which are fueled by imagination and sparked by belief.[4]

The near the head of the ship is a cockpit with seating for at least five passengers and the pilot.[3] The ship has also been shown to house personal quarters[2] and an armory.[4]

Young Avengers

After sharing a romantic night on this vessel,[2] Hawkeye and Marvel Boy raced to rescue Wiccan, Hulkling, Kid Loki, and Miss America from Mother.[3]

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