The mute giant known as Nom belonged to a race of Giants, thought lost to the world. He was discovered young and taken in by the human Witness and his band of thieves and travelers. His best friend was the mutant, Scorch. Nom and the Witness's mutant protégés became the X-Faces, allies of the time-traveler Bishop against the Chronomancer.[1]

On their travels, Nom was surprised to meet another Giant named Tull, who also believed he was the last of their kind. Tull told him the story of Azeroch, a great king of the Giants who promised to return in their time of greatest need. Tull proved to be violent and self-interested, however, and Nom was unable to learn much more about his people from Tull. He did note, however, that a birthmark on his palm seemed to perfectly represent King Azeroch as depicted in Tull's visual history of the Giants.[2]

As the X-Faces prepared to march on the Chronokeep, Nom was lost in an avalanche.[3] He somehow recovered near the land of the Giants, and discovered his people still existed in the wilderness. Nom was proclaimed as the return of Azeroch and rose to lead his people against the Chronomancer.[4] Nom and the Giants arrived late to the battle with the Chronotroopers, reinforcing the army gathered by Bishop and the X-Faces.[5]


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Enhanced Durability: Nom possesses great resistance to injury.

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