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Quote1.png Someone's basically forcing this identity on me. I feel like someone else is pulling my strings. I hate that. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "When Worlds Collide"

Once upon a time, Rikki Barnes decided to investigate why her brother was acting strangely. She discovered a Neo-Nazi conspiracy, got strapped to a nuclear device, and was rescued by Captain America. She has done a lot since then, but in a sense, she owes it all to her brother...

Rikki is having lunch with her brother's "equivalent" in the Marvel Universe, John Barnes. She maintains her suspicion of Desmond Daniels, but John waves this off, pointing out that the students are acting like this because they are, in fact, looking for something to follow. Rikki changes the subject, asking John why he is in fosterage. John tells her that his father died during the Red Skull's terrorist bombing of Philadelphia [1], while his mother died years ago, giving birth to his stillborn baby sister. The news that she had a counterpart on Earth-616, however briefly, hits Rikki hard, but before either of them can say anything, the Army recruitent center across the road blows up. As a bystander works to stabilize John, Rikki has a plan of her own. This looks like a job for Nomad!

Outside, the Flag-Smasher is espousing the reasons for his actions, but he is interrupted by Nomad. Looking for a fast exit, Flag-Smasher knocks down a nearby wall onto some onlookers and tries to escape as Nomad rushes off to save them. However, the terrorist is swiftly brought down by the Falcon. As he lands to lecture the new heroine on the Nomad identity, she comes up with a name: Sam Wilson, Captain America's other partner on her Earth.

She tells him everything about her trip to this Earth and her recent adventures. Falcon cheers her up, by pointing out that she handled herself pretty well and that he trusts her. She wonders what will happen to John.

In class later, Doctor Powers tries to interest the students with a brief note on Flag-Smasher and anti-nationalists like him, but Natsuki Ozawa runs into the classroom to get the students to come to an impromtu talk given by Desmond Daniels. The crowd reacts well to him, but Powers demads that everyone go back to class. Daniels turns it around, and everyone responds to his request that everyone return toclass. Rikki's suspicions are being reinforced.

Later, at the Secret Empire's headquarters, the leader of the cell sums up their successes - they have built up Desmond Daniels campaign for class president. He is assured a victory, but for this to count, something... special will be required. The cell leaves to attend to its tasks, while the leader retires to his inner sanctum. The monster that protects it, the Mad Dog, is questioned on the identity of the intruder. He points to Nomad from the news footage, and the leader decides to take steps.

After John Barnes is out of hospital, Rikki comes over to cheer him up. The two talk for a bit, but John tries to kiss her and Rikki recoils. She explains that he is like a brother to her, but he doesn't take it well. She is asked to leave, and spends the next two days alone in a blue funk.

Eventually, as night descends on New York again, she decides to do something about her mood. First order of business - investigate Desmond Daniels. But as she runs off to interrogate him, Surman is trying to put together a group, with talk of "the fray", "real change", and "wildfire". Whatever he just suggested, a heartbroken John Barnes has steped forward and volunteered...

Solicit Synopsis

Guest-starring the high-flying FALCON! When the FLAG SMASHER strikes, it's time for Rikki Barnesto make her debut as NOMAD! But does she even want to be Nomad? And while the student body elections heat up at school, MAD DOG gets closer to sniffing out his red-headed prey!


  • The Flag-Smasher's comment about " super hero kids these days and [their] blind patriotism" is a reference to his last two defeats: the Runaways in Los Angeles during the Civil War[2], and the Liberteens in Philadelphia soon afterwards[3].

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