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Synopsis for "Airport Insecurity"

At night, Gambit's doppelganger flies a plane to LAX airport. He radios the tower and tells them all the passengers are dead. FBI Agent Hatchway waits at gate A1. The doppelganger walks through the tunnel from the plane, then fights and kills multiple agents.

The next morning, Nomad deboards a plane from Las Vegas. He notices the damage at the gate, and is briefly approached by agents because of his trenchcoat. He tells himself not to get involved, but eventually runs back.

Hatchway is angry that they lost the doppelganger. He grabs an officer, yells at him, then pushes him to the ground.

Nomad finds a dead body. He recognizes it was a federal agent, then takes its com-link. He finds the Gambit doppelganger attacking another agent. Nomad throws a stun disc, but misses. The doppelganger throws a charged item at the ceiling, and rubble crashes onto Nomad.

Underneath the Santa Monica pier, Rockport is tied to a support column. An unseen person questions him about the Undergrounders. Then the person shoots Rockport to make an example of him.

Nomad emerges from the rubble and finds the com-link. He and Hatchway hear reports from other agents throughout the terminal that are attacked by the doppelganger. Nomad climbs up to a higher position, and sees the doppelganger in a hangar. Hatchway contacts him and tells him to lead the doppelganger into a nearby plane.

Nomad returns to the ground and fights Gambit's doppelganger. He lures it inside the plane, shuts the door behind them, and points a gun that Hatchway left. The agent pilots the plane and requests a runway for takeoff. When they are in the air, they trick the doppelganger into grabbing a rigged parachute. The doppelganger charges up its coat, uses it to blow open the side of the plane, and jumps out. Hatchway uses a remote detonator to explode the plastique he had placed in the backpack, and kills the doppelganger.

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