Nono the monkey was a male[1] monkey that lived in the Belgian Congo during the 1930s and 1940s. The Rand family had crash landed in the section of the jungle where Nono lived and Nono befriended the young David Rand who grew up to become the jungle adventurer known as Ka-Zar.[2]

When Ka-Zar was an adult, Nono came to the jungle man's aid during his various adventures. When Ka-Zar was tied up by his arch-nemesis Paul de Kraft, Nono cut Ka-Zar free from his bonds.[3] Later, Nono aided Ka-Zar in freeing captured elephants from Fenton, a poacher who was active in the region.[4] When Ka-Zar was hunting down the notorious killer London Jack, he sent Nono to free two members of Scotland Yard that were tied up following Jack's escape attempt.[1]

Subsequent activities of Nono remain unrecorded. However, given the average lifespan of monkeys it seems unlikely that Nono is alive today.


Nono was able to communicate and understand Ka-Zar, as well as follow his commands. He was able to use a knife to cut ropes.[3]

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