Mr. Fix is a genius engineer and a high-tech weapons dealer with strong ties to the The Maggia. Mr. Fix has in his employ sophisticated communications and surveillance equipment. Mr. Fix has a trained enforcer called Whiplash, who he has equipped with high-tech whips.

Mr. Fix orders Whiplash to take out FBI Agent Virgil Potts, who was tracking him, but fails. Whiplash then goes after Pepper Potts but is rescued by Iron Man and Whiplash is defeated.

Mr. Fix later sends a more advanced Whiplash to get revenge against Iron Man. When Iron Man loses control of his suit, Fix is beaten but begs for his life, and is nearly killed when his laboratory is destroyed.

Iron Man suggests that Mr. Fix is trying to eliminate Unicorn and Killer Shrike upon learning that Fix hired them to perform a robbery, but, unbeknownst to them, equipped them with explosives powerful enough to destroy the entire city.

Mr. Fix later returns under the employee of a mysterious shadowy figure. The mysterious benefactor then sends Whiplash to kidnap Obadiah Stane and Justin Hammer. It is later revealed that the employer is none other than Justin Hammer who orchestrated that whole kidnap.

Justin Hammer threatens Mr. Fix to follow his orders or he will release a nano-virus implanted in him the will kill him. Mr. Fix completes the Titanium Man armor yet Justin Hammer wants to test drive despite the fact that Mr. Fix hasn't found a way to bond the titanium with the vibranium due to Hammer's arrogance.

Growing impatient following his first outing as Titanium Man, Justin Hammer declares that Mr. Fix has failed for the last time and releases the nano-virus killing him. Hammer removes the flash drive with Fix's consciousness so he can return to complete Project Titanium.

Justin Hammer later speaks with Mr. Fix 2.0 about the "User Interface Chip" which would plan to control the armors. Justin Hammer informs him the "User Interface Chip" must be programmed perfectly to be adapted to the Titanium Man Armor

Justin Hammer tells him to find a way to make it work or he will download him into a hard drive and throw it into the sewer.

In an attempt for vengeance against Hammer, Fix blackmails him, threatening to reveal his criminal activities to the public. He even aids Iron Man in breaching the Hammer Tower security. He is killed by Iron Man when the hero tries to save Justin Hammer from being zombie gassed.


Mr fix hacking

Mr. Fix uses his armor to hack computers and tap into surveillance.

No special powers. Some weaponry integrated into his armor.


Brilliant inventor.


Flying disc.


Often wears a laser cannon on his arm.

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