Nori's father, Seiji Ashida, once served as Sapien Adviser to Emperor Sunfire in Japan. Emperor Sunfire was very close to the Ashida family and even considered Nori as his niece. When Nori's powers emerged, her father tried to hide them from Emperor Sunfire. However, when Sunfire learned of Nori's mutant powers, he immediately removed the girl from the Ashida home and fired Seiji for his deceit.[1]

Growing up in a world dominated by Homo superior, Noriko Ashida decided to enlist in the S.H.I.E.L.D. training program, ran by Sebastian Shaw.[2] She was assigned to the training team called the Hellions under the leadership of Agent Moonstar. This group included Scion, Magik, Quill, Synch, Wind Dancer and Anole.[3]

She eventually met and began dating David Alleyne, but had to do so secretly because of the stigma of a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee dating a NMLI student.[3]

She was with the Hellions during their first mission to stop Cameron Hodge and his suicide bombers from attacking the New Mutants Leadership Institute.[3]

After successfully completing their first mission, the Hellions were assigned to investigate the Human Liberation Front in Tokyo, Japan. Because her father was suspected of being involved, Surge was temporarily replaced by Magik. Magik's teleportation powers also served as transportation.[3]

While investigating the Human Liberation Front threat, the Hellions discovered the truth about Project Genesis with help from NMLI recruits. Under the suggestion of Dr. Garrison, Emperor Sunfire and S.H.I.E.L.D. sanctioned the experimentation of inducing mutation in baseline humans to force evolution.[4]

After freeing the imprisoned baseline humans, the Hellions and recruits from the New Mutant Leadership Institute went a suicide mission to Emperor Sunfire's Imperial Palace. Magik teleported the himan prisoners away and is now the only living member of the Hellions.[5]


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  • David Alleyne and Nori are dating, but secretly.
  • Surge's hair is its natural black color as opposed to the artificial Electric Blue color.
  • Surge doesn't appear to require her Power Gauntlets to control her mutant powers.
  • Surge was forcibly taken from her family by Emperor Sunfire instead of disowned for being a mutant.

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