Acquired by Jonothon Cayre in America, Norm assists the doctor in his lab work, before Dr Cayre arms him with a nuclear device.

Nightcrawler finds him in a shopping mall in Glasgow. Norm, on an upper level, notices Nightcrawler being mobbed by crowds and draws a machine gun. Nightcrawler teleports, kicking the gun so that it misses the crowd as it fires. Norm states that Nightcrawler isn’t strong enough to defeat him, but Nightcrawler laughs it off until Norm throws him over the balcony, knowing now that Norm possesses superhuman strength. As Nightcrawler teleports back up, he somersaults over Norm and takes his gun, firing it point blank at him. But as the gun jams, Norm grabs him, and states that with his disguise gone, he will activate the nuclear warhead with a 30 second timer. Nightcrawler teleports them into the fountain, of which he dives clear. The water short circuits Norm, who explodes. Fortunately, the blast is small, and non-nuclear, as the timer had not finished.[1]

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