Norman (Earth-928) X-Men 2099 Special Vol 1 1 0002

Initial form

Norman was a Mutant, who was exposed to radiation from a nulcear blast as a baby, as a result he was born a more reptilian monstrous looking creature. He was captured by Phineas Lynch and placed in his carnival until he was discovered by Shakti Haddad. She attempted to free him but he initially declined, however, he was later convinced and the pair drove into the desert, where she revealed Norman was a Metamorph and as he was hitting puberty he was going to turn back in a more humanoid form, and using auto-med device would regulate this process. However Phineas and goons caught up with the pair midway through the process so Norman broke out of containment. He initially appeared human but transformed into an enormous dragon like creature. Incinerating Phineas he flew off into the desert, leaving Cerebra behind. [1]



  • Reptillian Form
    • Leathery Wings
    • Talons
    • Fangs

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