Macho Man
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Real Name
Norman Dribble
Current Alias
Macho Man
Milton Zook
Doris Dribble (wife)
Base of Operations
Wallytown, U.K
Living Status
Marital Status
Adventurer (as Macho Man), formerly earwax salesman (as Dribble)
Black (as Macho Man); bald with black mustache (as Dribble)
Human/Klaktonian hybrid
Place of Birth
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Dribble's human form

Norman Dribble was an ordinary unemployed earwax salesman when he was spotted by Milton Zook, an alien from the planet Klakton who landed on Earth after his planet exploded after going through "a bad patch". With Earth's air being poisonous to him, Zook needed to merge with one of Earth's inhabitants to survive, and Dribble happened to be first person he saw. So, Mook transformed into energy and entered Dribble's body.[1]

Zook then went through Dribble's mind in search for a codeword for him to say so they could switch places. The first thing that popped into Dribble's mind was "Cod 'n' chips," which ended up becoming the password for the transformation. After Mook appeared, he discovered that Earth's gravity had affected his physiology, causing him to develop superpowers. After testing out his powers, he went by the codename Macho Man.[2]

When the villain Megabrain led an alien invasion against Wallytown, Macho Man vowed to stop the alien invaders while eating biscuits. However, he was instantly disintegrated by the aliens.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Klaktonian Physiology: After saying the phrase "cod 'n' chips," Dribble transformed into Macho Man, whose Kraktonian physiology was transformed by Earth's gravity, giving him superpowers:[1]

  • Superhuman Strength: Macho Man possesses superhuman strength of unknown levels. He claims to have the strength of million gorillas. He was able to lift a car with just his pinky finger[4], lift a elephant off the ground by its tail while flying,[2], and go toe-to-toe with the Hulk.[5]
  • Flight: Macho Man is able to fly.[2]
  • Macho Vision: a form of telescopic vision, allowing him to see far away.[6]
  • Superhuman Durability: Macho Man is extremely durable. He withstood blows from the Hulk[5] and being run over by a steamroller.[7]


Dribble's transformation into Macho Man only lasts for an unrevealed amount of time. The transformation often wears off at inopportune times.[4][8] Also, as described by Black Knight, Macho Man is "dead clumsy."[9]


  • Macho Man's origins and powers are an obvious parody of the DC Comics universe Superman. His transformation between Dribble and Macho Man using a codeword is likely based on Shazam.


  • The character of Macho Man is based on an earlier version of him also created by Lew Stringer. Unlike his heroic counterpart, the first Macho Man was a villain and bully. The person who could put him in his place was his mother.[10]

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