Norman Osborn shared a similar history to his Earth-616 counterpart until Emma Frost did not alter the mind of Gwen Stacy when Peter Parker learned the truth about the House of M reality. This eventually caused Gwen to arrive on the main universe. Norman Osborn was imprisoned and broken out by a group of villains who wanted to attack the New Avengers after the disappearance of the Sentry. The group fought the New Avengers and during the attack on their headquarters Venom killed Aunt May. A grief stricken Peter Parker was distracted enough for Norman to attempt to kill him with his Goblin Glider, however Mary Jane took the blow and she died in Peter's arms. Enraged, Peter attacked Norman and beat him to death.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Green Goblin of Earth-616.



Goblin Armor


Pumpkin Bombs


Goblin Glider

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