Quote1 People die. Even Norman Osborn. Quote2
-- Curt Connors src

Norman Osborn was the head of Oscorp, a company that employed both Dr. Curtis Connors and Dr. Rajit Ratha. Norman was dying of a disease known as retroviral hyperplasia and Dr. Connors' research was working towards a cure.

When Dr. Connors was put in prison, a representative of Oscorp approached him in his jail cell and asked him if Peter knew the truth about his father, which implied that Norman Osborn may have been behind Richard Parker's disappearance.[1]

Later on, Norman's estranged son, Harry, visited him in the hospital and was told that the disease that was killing him was genetic, and that he would soon be suffering the symptoms. Despite that, Norman gave Harry the reins to the company as well as a key to what could possibly save his life. Harry asked about what would happen to Peter Parker, and Norman said "Not everyone has a happy ending."

Shortly afterwards, Peter saw on a television monitor that Norman had died. However, it was unknown if that truly happened given Oscorp's bioweapon motives.[2]

  • Unlike in the comics, that version of Norman Osborn never became the Green Goblin.

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