When Doctor Octopus was defeated in Times Square, the Goblin stole a cosmic brick when Spider-Man, Captain America and Mr. Fantastic let their guard down. Spider-Man followed him to OsCorp to retrieve the brick. [2]


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616 and those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-1610.


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Goblin Armor


Pumpkin Chopper, Goblin Glider


Pumpkin Bombs

  • In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, Norman appears in his Ultimate form. The cause of this is unknown as the series takes place after the game. It's possible that Norman's mutation caused this change.
  • In the level that the player breaks into Oscorp, there is an hologram of a scientist in a similar pose to Norman Osborn's hologram in The Amazing Spider-Man. It could be assumed the scientist is Norman.

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