The Green Goblin was one of the various supervillains locked up in the maximum security prison The Raft. When Loki attacked the Raft to get his hands on the DISK technology, he freed several of the imprisoned villains, including Green Goblin.

Along with Cottonmouth, the Green Goblin confronted Spider-Man when the hero escorted Akira Akatsuki and his friends to the heliport, forcing Spider-Man to fight the two villains in order to buy the kids some time to escape.[1]

Green Goblin is not seen again until he was tasked with guarding the island that was used as one of the 5 places from which Red Skull plans to destroy the Earth with his Gaia Anchors. Presumably, either Red Skull or Baron Zemo has released Green Goblin from his DISK. Green Goblin confronts the S.H.I.E.L.D. team tasked with destroying the Gaia Anchor in the islands' sewer line, and easily takes out the footsoldiers before targeting Chris and Captain America. The two are saved however when Deadpool interferes and fights Green Goblin. Afterwards, Deadpool gave Chris a DISK containing Green Goblin along with the DISK containing Iron Fist.[2]


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Pumpkin Bomb


Goblin Glider

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