Inter-Dimensional Travel

Norman Osborn was the owner of Oscorp and estranged father of Harry Osborn. At some point, he was imbued with spider powers. Always in the pursuit of more power, he decided to research interdimensional travel, which led to the construction of a Cosmic Cube. When Peter wrote a letter about Norman's plans to Harry, he was killed by his former employer. This led Harry to avenge Peter's death and stop his father's plans.


When Harry got access to the Kobold Suit, father and son faced each other. While Norman got the upper hand, Harry was able to destroy the Cosmic Cube. Unfortunately, he gave Norman access to the Web of Life and Destiny, giving him access to alternate realities. However, Spider-Punk appeared and pulled him away into his portal.[1]

The reason Spider-Punk came to him was so he could help fight the Inheritors, a family who fed of the life force of Totems, especially those related to Spiders. Norman had the idea to trap the Inheritors at Earth-616, an idea Spiders-Man appeared open to, and constantly fought Superior Spider-Man for the right of leadership.[2]

Their disagreement lead to Norman and Spiders-Man leaving the group and find their own way to defeat the Inheritors. Norman found himself again at the Web of Life and Destiny along with Spider-Man. They destroyed it in order to trap the Inheritors, but not before he could take a piece from it and study it, to travel across the Multiverse. Spiders-Man also took advantage of the moment as well to spread his spiders to alternate realities.[3]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.

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