The Green Goblin is a robber who is obsessed with magic and the supernatural. He burglarized Blackwell the Magician's mansion in order to obtain Blackwell's book on the occult and hypnotized J. Jonah Jameson to be his medium in a plot to summon evil spirits to help him in his crime spree; Although he succeeded in summoning his spirit friends, Spider-Man defeated them along with Green Goblin himself. Green Goblin later robbed from Blackwell the Magician's mansion again and uses his tricks to commit a crime spree until he is stopped by Spider-Man. Later, Dr. Noah Boddy busted Green Goblin, Electro, and Vulture out of prison in a plot to defeat Spider-Man. He again failed to kill Spider-Man and was sent back to prison.



  • Voiced by Len Carlson.

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