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During a battle Norman Osborn was the last person to see Richard Parker alive. The latter asked Norman to take care of his son Peter, since he and his brother Ben would not survive the battle[1] . Norman promised to take care of Peter, but actually made him grow up as one of his servants, denying him what was his due as a noble. Osborn hoped to marry his son Princess Gwendolyne, so as to make Harry the heir to the throne, but at the dance the king had arranged to find a husband for his daughter, Gwendolyne fell in love with the mysterious Princes of Arachne[1] . Since no one knew his true identity, Osborn planned to kill him and pass off Harry for him[1] . Harry discovered that it was Peter the Prince of Arachne and stole a piece of armor and then headed to the castle with his father. Unfortunately for them, thanks to the help of his friend Mary Jane Peter he had arrived before them and he had proved to be the Prince of Arachne.[1] Since Peter's father had been one of his most valiant knights, King George agreed to marry Gwendolyne.[1] At that point Norman lost his head and attacked the ruler who was defended by Peter. [1] During the battle Norman tried to drop a chandelier on Peter, but the princess pushed him away, being crushed and dying. At that point, Peter avenged his love by killing Osborn.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.

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