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Norman Osborn was born a circus freak and was mistreated from the audience for his reptile-like skin disorder. This fueled his ambitions in earning his "respect" by becoming an underworld mob boss. He used a mask to hide his true appearance. Earning the name "the Goblin," he organized his group composing of former circus and carnival freak shows with their bizarre, yet dangerous talents into the Enforcers. The Goblin's reputation as a freelancer among New York City's politicians and businessmen caused him to regularly be hired to commit illegal acts, such as suppressing public protests and even acts of assassinations on public objectors. These actions eventually caused him to come into conflict with the Spider-Man after he ordered The Vulture to kill the vigilante's uncle.[1]

Later, reporter Ben Urich became a problem for Norman, so the mob boss sent The Chameleon dressed as J.J. Jameson to kill him as Osborn kidnapped the real one. After murdering Urich, the Chameleon was killed by Felicia Hardy, Urich's lover.[2]

The Goblin then took Felicia to one of his hideouts, only for Spider-Man track him down. Norman escaped to the sewers with Hardy as Spider-Man was fighting Osborn's thugs. During the battle, Kraven (one of the thugs) hit a glass full of spiders, causing the animals to fall on him. Spider-Man then saved Jameson and went after Osborn. New York City's vigilant and its main mob boss fought until each one of them got unmasked, Spider-Man was revealed to be Peter Parker and Osborn was revealed to have a green and scaled skin. Parker decided not to kill Norman, however a spider-infested Kraven than showed up and attacked Osborn, apparently killing him.[3]

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