Norman Osborn is presumably one of the escaped prisoners when the Triskelion outbreak occurred.

Norman, as the Green Goblin, controlled an army of OZ-infused symbiotes and slowly began to transform all of New York City into Goblin-like creatures. He encountered Spider-Man in a baseball stadium, where he sent an army of OZ Symbiote-infected citizens after him. He was able to sense that his Goblin army was being diminished and concluded that a cure was being developed. With Spider-Man occupied with the OZ symbiotes, Norman ran to find the cure and destroy it.

During his search for Dr. Conners' cure, he was approached, once again, by Spider-Man, who had defeated the OZ Symbiotes. Norman did battle with him on a rooftop, unleashing everything he had on him but was defeated in the end. As S.H.I.E.L.D. agents began to take him away, he claimed that Peter would have been his "trusted heir", and that they would've led an "Osborn empire". Peter claimed he liked the city just the way it was and swung off.[1] The Green Goblin is presumably currently in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.


Seemingly those of Norman Osborn of Earth-1610.

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