Norman Osborn's history is similar to his Earth-92131 counterpart up to a certain point. Earth-TRN566's Norman was similarly blackmailed by the Kingpin into ensuring the destruction of Spider-Man,[1] and enlisted the help of Spencer Smythe and his Spider-Slayers to do the job. Also much like his Earth-92131 counterpart, Osborn decided to retaliate against the Kingpin by hiring someone to become the Hobgoblin.[2]

After the Hobgoblin incident, history diverts from Earth-92131 when it is implied by Harry Osborn that Norman helped the police in their investigation of Wilson Fisk[3], but since Fisk was shown to still be in control later on,[4] it likely went nowhere.

Afterwards, Norman planned a hostile takeover of Adrian Toomes' company Toomes Aerodynamics. Unknown to him, Toomes planned to retaliate against Osborn as the Vulture. However, Spider-Man thwarted the Vulture without Osborn knowing his life was in danger.[5]

When the universe was destroyed, Norman died along the other people in Earth.[6]




Seemingly those of Norman Osborn of Earth-616.

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