The Goblin's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's. He frequently belittled his son Harry Osborn, one of several reasons that he became a drug user, resulting in him going into a coma.[2] After exposure to the Goblin Formula, Osborn became the criminal the Goblin[3] and became a frequent enemy of the hero Nighthawk.[2] He had Deadpool as a partner who was as crazy as him.[4]

When he discovered Nighthawk's secret identity of Congressman Kyle Richmond, he entered Nighthawk's secret hideout, the Nightcave. Nighthawk was able to strike with a super-strong punch when the sun was down, which fractured Osborn's skull. Nighthawk managed to save Osborn's life, and Osborn developed amnesia about the whole encounter and that he was the Goblin. That didn't last, though. While visiting Harry, his memory returned, and he became the Goblin again. His sanity also fractured as he blamed Nighthawk for Harry's condition and swore to make him. He snuck into the Nightcave and kidnapped Nighthawk's partner, the Falcon.

He took Falcon to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge because Falcon once foiled one of his schemes to ruin his competitors and waited for Nighthawk to come to Falcon's aid. Nighthawk and Goblin battled, and Goblin knocked Falcon knocked Falcon off the bridge. Nighthawk wrapped a line around Falcon's leg, but the fall combined with Nighthawk's super strength broke Falcon's neck, killing him just as Goblin as planned. A furious Nighthawk tackled Osborn, and they landed on a police cruiser. Goblin tried impaling Nighthawk with his Goblin Glider, but Nighthawk crushed the glider. Nighthawk contemplated killing Osborn, but he decided he could be better and let Goblin get arrested.[2]

Osborn was imprisoned in Ravencroft Asylum but eventually escaped and decided to run for President of the United States because he believed it would allow him to kill people in large numbers. He also formed his own superhero group, the Dark Squadron. It's unrevealed if his presidential run was successful.[1]

Osborn was eventually imprisoned in Ravencroft Asylum again and was forced to listen to the ramblings of the Silver Witch. This resulted in Osborn in staging a takeover of Ravencroft with other inmates to lure Nighthawk to Ravencroft. He also took Ravencroft doctor Gwen Stacy hostage who had be trained by Nighthawk to be the hero Nightbird. When Nighthawk arrived, Osborn exposed to her to his Goblin Gas to make her insane and pushed her off a great height. Nighthawk saved her while also hitting Osborn with his Hawkarangs. Osborn fell as well and was badly injured. Osborn asked Nighthawk to kill him, but Nighthawk refused. Osborn then revealed that his reason for the prison takeover was so he could tell Nighthawk not to let reality change back as he liked reality the way it was.[3]

When the Squadron Supreme began investigating a new team called the Avengers, Blur and Power Princess interrogated Osborn about Echo, a former Ravencroft inmate that was now a member of the Avengers. Osborn had nothing useful to say about Echo and began rambling. When he stated that to Power Princess that she wanted to die so she could reunite with her fellow deceased Utopians and reminded her that she was responsible for their deaths, Power Princess angrily killed Osborn.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


  • This version of Osborn doubles as a pastiche of the Batman villain the Joker. This can be seen in the way of how he killed Nighthawk's sidekick Falcon, which parallels how the Joker killed Batman's sidekick, Jason Todd.

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