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Quote1.png I've watched you from behind Norman's cowardly eyes. Struggling to have everything you want, while the world tries to make you choose. Gods don't have to choose. We take. Quote2.png
Green Goblin[src]


The Green Goblin shared an identical history to his counterpart from Earth-96283. Some time after figuring out that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, Osborn was pulled from his timeline and transported through the Multiverse to Earth-199999 due to a botched magic spell cast by that reality's Doctor Strange that was intended to make everybody forget that his world's Peter Parker was Spider-Man. The spell almost caused the infinity of people in the Multiverse that knew Spider-Man's identity to be pulled into the universe, but Strange managed to contain it. Only a handful people from other realities made it to Earth-199999, with Osborn being one of them.

Osborn attempted to confront this world's Spider-Man on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge, where the web-slinger was already fighting the Doctor Octopus from a variant of Earth-96283 in a later point in time. The Green Goblin's appearance caught the attention of Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, but both were suddenly transported away by Doctor Strange to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Having reverted from the persona of the Green Goblin, Osborn hid his glider in an alley and smashed his Green Goblin helmet in an attempt to silence his evil alter-ego's taunting voice from his mind. As he attempted to make sense of his new surroundings, Osborn learned that neither he nor his company or his son seemed to exist in this reality. He headed for F.E.A.S.T. after spotting an image of Spider-Man on their poster and encountered May Parker. She alerted Peter of Norman's presence, and convinced him to help Osborn.

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Norman was taken to the Sanctum Sanctorum, where Spider-Man and Doctor Strange had restrained more villains brought into the universe by the spell, namely the sand-powered Flint Marko from a variant of Norman's and Otto's worlds, and the Lizard and Electro from timelines variant of Earth-120703. Strange intended to use the Macchina di Kadavus to send the villains back to their original timelines, but Spider-Man intervened after he realized some of the villains would be put back in a path leading to their death. Against Strange's wishes, Peter incapaciated him and left the Sanctum Sanctorum with the villains, intending to cure them of their plights so they might have a second chance once returned to their timelines.

Setting up in the apartment of Peter's friend Happy Hogan, Parker and Norman used a device called the Fabricator to create cures for the villains, including a replacement inhibitor chip for Doctor Octopus' tentacles that removed their influence from Otto's mind and freed him from villainy. Before the other villains could be cured, the Green Goblin persona took over Osborn and he coaxed the others to reject Peter's cures. Chaos broke out as the villains escaped while Spider-Man fought the Green Goblin. Their battle took them through the apartment building and into the lobby, while the Goblin taunted Peter that he had strength but was too weak to take what he wanted with it. As the Goblin began choking Peter, May sneaked up on him and injected him with his intended cure, but it failed. Goblin summoned his glider, which rammed May and fatally injured her. Before escaping, the Goblin threw a Pumpkin Bomb at May, which Peter barely managed to block. May would succumb to the glider's injury and die regardless.

Peter would then join forces with the Spider-Man of Earth-96283 and the Spider-Man of Earth-120703, who had also been brought into his world by Strange's botched spell. After developing new cures for the villains, they lured them to the Statue of Liberty, using the Macchina di Kadavus as a bait. The Green Goblin arrived after the other villains had already been cured and Doctor Strange had returned with the intention to activate the Macchina di Kadavus. Osborn managed to destroy the artifact, unleashing the initial spell and breaking the fabric of reality as every single person who knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man from across the entire Multiverse was about to be pulled into the universe. The resultant explosion also destroyed sections of scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty, causing MJ to fall. Though Spider-Man tried to save her, he was rammed by the Goblin aboard his glider; MJ was subsequently saved by Earth-120703's Spider-Man. Peter detonated a Pumpkin Bomb within the glider, causing it to crash into the ground. The Goblin goaded Spider-Man into attacking, and a vicious fight ensued. After knocking down Osborn, Peter attempted to stab him with his own glider in revenge for May's death, but he was stopped by Earth-96283's Spider-Man. The Green Goblin stabbed him instead, although non-fatally. Earth-120703's Spider-Man then tossed Norman's cure at Peter, and he injected Osborn with it. The Green Goblin persona disappeared, leaving behind a remorseful Norman Osborn. With Strange unable to contain the rip in the fabric of reality, Spider-Man asked him to cast a new spell to make the entire world forget Peter Parker's existence, which negated the initial spell and undid its effects. Osborn and all the other visitors from the Multiverse returned to their homes as a result.[1]




  • Gifted Intelligence
  • Expert Engineer
  • Expert Marksman
  • Skilled Combatant
  • Master Acrobat




  • Goblin Armor: Norman steals an experimental Oscorp armor modified in battle and is capable of absorbing most impacts; he is also designed to withstand temperatures and pressures during flight. The suit was also linked to the Goblin Glider, allowing him to control it remotely via a switch hidden in the wrist. Subsequently, after being extracted from his universe to Earth-199999, Osborn was modifying his armor.[1]


  • Pumpkin Bombs: The Green Goblin carried explosives in his glider that he used on different occasions.
  • Razor Bat: The Green Goblin was equipped with bombs with sharp blades coming out from around them.
  • Bag of Tricks: Goblin obtained a wallet to contain many pumpkin bombs and razor bats.


  • Goblin Glider: The Green Goblin piloted a high-tech Goblin Glider that was armed with heat-seeking missiles, machine guns and sharp spears. Norman also wore green armor that cybernetically connected him to his glider and weapons.


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