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Normie Osborn

Norman Osborn II was the CEO of Oscorp Industries after inheriting it from his father. Despite his young age, he was similar to his grandfather, being a cold, calculating, and relentless CEO. After seeing the Spider-Family, he became fascinated with the daughter, Spiderling. He was taken care of by his mother's assistant, Miss January, who reported to Liz on Normie's behavior.[2] Liz tried her best to make sure that Normie doesn't follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps, however, Ms January manipulated Normie, making him blame the Spider-Family for the death of his father and driving him to construct a Goblin-Mech in order to bring them down. January coerced Normie and began piloting the mech so she could avenge Harry. Normie assisted Spiderling in destroying the mech from the inside. Afterward he thanked her for helping him get his life back and the two remained friends.[3]

They continued being friends, but as time passed they started to meet each other less, even though he now had a normal life as CEO. After eight years, he continued experiments in gene therapy, but with a more caution in order to avoid the same fate as his predecessors. His was still targeted by enemies of the Osborns, but thankfully to Spiderling protected Normie from these attacks. He was determined to redeem the Osborn name, but unbeknownst to him, the lead scientist at his company was secretly Mister Sinister, who used this resource to create clones of Spider-Man in order to use them to attack the X-Men. Normie used some goblin tech to assist the Spider-Family and the X-Men in defeating Sinister, but his exposure to Sinister's chemicals caused Normie to grow four additional arms.[4]

During the return of the Inheritors, Normie was approached by Anya Corazon of Earth-616, May Parker of Earth-982, and Spiderling who, informed him of the Inheritors' threat, and that he also may be a target. He assisted the Spider-Girls, and after battling Bora and Brix, the Spider-Girls cured Normie of his spider-powers.[5]

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