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The Silver Searcher was pulled across a hundred different universes of the universal stack after Reed Richards mistook him for a star that he was trying to harness. Without a gravity well to keep him anchored like a normal star, he was pulled in by Reed's device. His appearance triggered planet-wide chaos and natural calamities. Reed commented that Gah Lak Tus probably encountered the Searcher at some point and modelled its antibody drones on the Searcher, and the Searcher gave his name as Norrin Radd. He also stated that he would summon his "master", who would make the population of the Earth happier than they have ever been.

The Searcher's master was later revealed to be Zenn-La's ruler, Revka Temerlune Edifex Scyros III, "the king without enemies",[3] who used mind-control to make the population of Earth worship him (before it took effect on the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch called him "Psycho-Man"). It was revealed that the Searcher had been exiled from Zenn-La for destroying the control that Psycho-Man had over Zenn-La, but by finding Earth for his master to "save" he was allowed to return. After Psycho-Man gained domain over Earth, Silver Searcher rescued Mr. Fantastic, told him his story, and asked him to save Earth. The Searcher then helped the Fantastic Four defeat other Surfer-like assassins of Psycho-Man. With the Surfers beaten and the insane Psycho-Man reprogrammed, Silver Searcher wandered the space ways.[4]


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  • Immortality: Radd is immortal, his skin hermetically sealed within a silver shell, and his body powered by a star core; his internal temperature is in excess of 20 million degrees.[5]
  • Superhuman Strength: He is superhumanly strong (lifting well in excess of 100 tons).[5]
  • Invulnerability : Radd is durable enough to fly through a star unharmed[5] and survive re-entry in Earth's atmosphere.[6] He was immune to Human Torch's flames and survived multiple blows from the Thing with only a bloody lip.[3]
  • Energy Projection: Radd can also fire devastating bolts of an unidentified energy.[5] These bolts could destroy two missiles and Invisible Woman's force fields.[3]
  • Thermokinesis: Radd could generate enough heat to hurt even Human Torch.[3]
  • Telepathy: Capable of telepathic communication he can also decipher electromagnetic signals in the air to learn alien tongues in seconds.[6]
  • Size Alteration: He was initially a couple light-years across in size, but he shrank as he made his way to Earth, which Reed believes is him "adjusting" to this reality and that physical laws and matter could be very different from where he's from.[6]
  • Flight: Radd can levitate even without his glider.[3]
  • Self Sustenance: Radd can survive and talk in the void of space even without his glider.[1]
  • Cosmic Awareness: Just like Rick Jones Norrin Radd is cosmically aware and can perceive the universe at a higher level than most beings, being able to feel a planet dying all the way from Earth.[1]



He travels riding atop a surfboard-shaped "void-glider" (also termed a star-threader), which generates its own gravity field so that the rider feels no momentum or acceleration; Radd can control the glider remotely by telepathy.


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