Silver Surfer's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's.

When the Brood planted eggs in the corpse of Galactus, they hatched and became a new kind of parasite that turned living beings into zombies after infecting them. These zombies became the Respawned, and the Silver Surfer was made into a member after being zombified. The Respawned later set a trap for Earth's heroes by sending a distress signal from Captain Marvel to lure them to the corpse of Galactus, who the Respawned were using as their spaceship. When the heroes arrived, some of them realized too late that it was a trap after discovering that Captain Marvel was zombified when she met them. Silver Surfer greeted the rest of the heroes and zombified Human Torch by biting him in the neck. Then swarms of zombies attacked the heroes and either zombified them or killed them.[1]

The Respawned then invaded Earth and wiped out nearly all of humankind.[2] Years later, Surfer and the Respawned moved into Limbo where they planned to invade the Multiverse using the teleportation powers of Magik. Before doing so, the Respawned tried to zombify Franklin Richards after luring him, his sister Valeria, and others into Limbo. However, Franklin had been transformed into a techno-organic being after an earlier attempt to zombify him, thus rendering him immune to zombification. Franklin and his allies went to the corpse of Galactus where they planned to destroy the Respawned's hive mind. Surfer attacked them group in an attempt to stop them, but he was sliced in half by Franklin using Magik's Soulsword. After that, Franklin and his allies destroyed the Respawned's hive mind, putting an end to the Respawned.[3]

Franklin Richards (Earth-19121) and Norrin Radd (Earth-19121) from Marvel Zombies Resurrection Vol 2 4 001.jpg

Surfer somehow survived the destruction of the hive mind but was now just a head. Only Franklin knew about his and kept in a secret from his allies. A month after the destruction of the Respawned's hive mind, Franklin interrogated Surfer concerning who ruled the Brood, who created the Respawned. Franklin asked Surfer about the Brood Queen who ruled the Respawned and where her location was. Surfer answered that the Brood Queen was far from Franklin's reach, but she already knew what he and his allies had done and that he would meet the Queen soon enough.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Norrin Radd of Earth-616.



Formerly Cosmic Surfboard


Formerly his Cosmic Surfboard, Galactus' corpse

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