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Silver Surfer battles Galactus in M:UA

Silver Surfer's history is presumably similar to his mainstream counterpart's. While Galactus attempted to the devour the Skrull homeworld Tarnax IV, heroes from Earth attempted to steal his Muonic Inducer. Silver Surfer defended the heroes, and eventually, Galactus was defeated.[1]


Seemingly those of Silver Surfer of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Silver Surfer of Earth-616.


Silver Surfer's Surfboard

The Silver Surfer is a bonus character can be unlocked by completing all the Comic Book Missions or by entering a cheat code. His optional costumes are Power Surge (renamed as Silver Surfer after having 3 different outfits on PC), Silver Age, Vitality, and Heavy Damage, though they are all identical. During the player's visit to the Skrull homeworld, he appears briefly as a non-player ally who resurrects and heals the player's team.

Silver Surfer is voiced by Chris Cox

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