The Silver Surfer's history presumably mirrors that of his mainstream counterpart. As a Herald of Galactus, the Surfer was responsible for searching for planets Galactus on upon. His travels took him to Earth. He alerted Galactus, and he arrived soon after, planning to feed on it. The Surfer was then knocked out by the Thing and was cared for by Invisible Girl. While in Sue's care, the Surfer developed an appreciation for humanity and chose to turn on Galactus. He helped the Fantastic Four fight Galactus until he decided to leave Earth.[1]


Seemingly those of the Silver Surfer of Earth-616.


Silver Surfer's Surfboard

  • The Surfer's first-ever animated appearance was in "Galactus," an episode of the Hanna-Barbara 1967 Fantastic Four animated series which closely followed the Marvel comic series.

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