After the Cosmic Tribunal decreed the Earth should be destroyed by the Adjudicator, Mister Fantastic contacted the Surfer who was relaxing in deep space. Arriving on Earth, he revealed that he was unable to stop the Adjudicator once it had made a decision. After watching Doctor Doom fail to harm the Adjudicator, the Surfer went to retrieve Galactus for aid. Galacts arrived on Earth, but he too was unable to stop the Tribunal but revealed information on how they could. The Surfer was to travel across the universe and find the Decimators and unleash that mindless warrior race on the Tribunal to kill them. On his travels, the Surfer stopped on Zenn-La to say goodbye to Shalla-Bal if something were to happen. He was successful, and the Adjudicator left and the Tribunal was doomed, but Reed felt compassion for them so the Fantastic Four, Galactus and the Surfer travelled to the Tribunal to save them. They were ultimately successful, and the Surfer went to the U.N. building to honor the Fantastic Four along with other heroes.[1]


Seemingly those of the Norrin Radd of Earth-616.


Cosmic Surfboard

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