Silver Surfer became a member of a member of the Fantastic Five after he was unable to leave Earth, they went on many missions and even set up a hotline to help others. When the Fantastic Five were lured into a trap by Mephisto who phoned them while possessing Father Coen, Mephisto trapped them. Coercing the Surfer to stay in Hades to save his teammates, Mephisto tortured the Surfer for years while his influence on Earth waned. When Norrin pointed out Mephisto's loss of Earth, Mephisto quickly used the demons to re-infest the Earth, leaving the Surfer free to move around. The Surfer then coerced Mephisto into killing his physical body, leaving his radiating spirit to burn Mephisto for eternity.


Seemingly those of Norrin Radd (Earth-616)#Powers

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