Sacrificing his existence to save his world, Norrin Radd was imbued with incredible powers by Galactus and became his herald. Changed wholly by the experience, Radd lost his ability to feel guilt, regret, or loyalty. Eventually yearning to command his master's ship, Radd continued to seek out planets for Galactus, but also sought out beings who he hoped could kill Galactus. Eventually finding an opponent capable of killing Galactus, the world devourer undid what he had done to Radd with his dying breath, and also revealed to him the source of his hunger. Confronted with what he had done, Radd, consumed with guilt, took on the role of Galactus. Refashioning Galactus' ship into a semblance of his board, Radd began wandering the cosmos, destroying everything in his wake in order to preserve creation. Eventually, though, his renewed conscience would leave him, and without conscience his heart and soul withered, leaving him merely a force of nature, a villain to those whose worlds he destroyed, but a necessary part of the universe.


Seemingly those of Norrin Radd (Earth-616)#Powers.

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