When the Silver Surfer learned that Galactus was planning to remake the universe he came to Earth to stop him. When that worlds heroes managed to reverse the process Galactus was using to destroy the universe and Galactus instead became assaulted by more energy than he could contain, the Surfer shielded him and an implosion occured which melded the two beings into one. Once this process was complete the now much physically larger Surfer clad himself in Galactus' armor, fixed all the damage Galactus had caused and then left Earth to become a ' builder of worlds and guardian of life'.[1]

Galactus Silver Surfer Hybrid Being

Galactus and the Surfer merged as one with a new mission


Seemingly those of Norrin Radd of Earth-616.

Power Essential Once merged with Galactus the Surfer gained this power, seemingly an even more powerful version of the Power Cosmic which allowed him to reverse cataclysmic damage done to Manhattan and heal those who were injured. He stated he would use this power to bring life to dead worlds.[2]


Silver Surfer's Surfboard

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