North was a member of the X-Men and one of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen under the title of Pestilence. He was one of the few remaining mutants that inhabited the last stronghold of the Krakoan settlement of Asteroid K. North and the others were confronted by Rasputin and an unnamed Cardinal who had returned after stealing valuable data from the machine main hub, the Nexus.[2]

North helped skim through the information after Famine was able to unlock the encryption code on the device. He pointed out that search results of machine records, even knowing the date of a particular event. As they discussed their course of actions, North noticed, the group came upon a nodule containing pertinent information regarding the genesis protocols of the creation of the first Nimrod sentinel. War stated that a direct assault on the machines would be suicide since Percival was no longer among them, but Apocalypse ensured War that they would be successful as he would lead the battle himself.[3]

The X-Men split into two teams, with North taking part in the attack on the Temple of Concordance. After taking out the human slaves, North and the others were immediately surrounded by Omega Sentinel and an armada of large Sentinels. North was killed by a blast from one of the Sentinels.[1]


Seemingly those of the Lorna Dane and those of Emma Frost of Earth-616.


North's Helmet

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