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Nosey was the pet ferret of the detective known as the Ferret. The animal would sometimes accompany the Ferret on his various cases. The creature was trained to obey simple commands and often came to the Ferret's rescue when he got into trouble.

In his first recorded appearance, Nosey accompanied the Ferret in investigating the murder of a local stooley. This led the Ferret to stumble upon a counterfeit operation. When the Ferret was captured by the crooks responsible, Nosey dug his way into the room where the Ferret was being held captive and gnawed at the ropes that bound his hands. Nosey's assistance allowed the Ferret to get the drop on the crooks.[1]

Nosey was next seen accompanying the Ferret as he exited the subway. When his master was captured by the crook known as Duke, the little ferret tracked him to Duke's hideout. There, he once more gnawed through the ropes that bound his master, allowing him to get the drop on his enemies.[2]

In the summer of 1940, when the Ferret was murdered by Nazi spies, Nosey was taken in by the Angel[3]. Nosey likely was under Halloway's care until the end of his natural lifespan.



Nosey was fiercely loyal to his master the Ferret and would defend him against any attacker. The animal was trained to come when the Ferret whistled and to perform simple tasks upon command.

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