A news reporter, rival of Park Bench, and would-be lover of Superbman. Due to the manipulations of Doctor Bloom, it seemed the Fantastical Four had gone bankrupt again, and newspaper editor Verry Bright sent Nosey Dame along with Park Bench to cover the story. Flown into town by Superbman (secretly Park Bench), Nosey Dame provoked a fight between him and the Fantastical Four when the Human Scorch’s heat caused her $500 hair-do to wilt. Mr. Fantastical eventually captured Rex Ruthless, who had taken over Bloom’s scheme, and explained it was all a plot for the heroes to destroy each other. Nosey then reminded everyone that they were fighting because of the Scorch’s irresponsibility, not what any of the villains involved did, and the fight resumed.


A $500 haircut

A parody of DC Comics' Lois Lane.

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