The Not-too-bright-dimension,[1] also known as the Dimly-Lit-Dimension-That-Didn't-Pay-Its-Light-Bill, was one of the many dimensions that Doctor Deranged could reach using his powers, and the headquarters of two of his enemies: The Dread Doormammoomoo; and his minions the (really) Mindless Ones.[2]

At one point, the lovely Cleanex, disciple and lover of Deranged,[2] spent a holiday with the (really) Mindless Ones at the Beaches of Raggador, in the Not-Too-Bright-Dimension. She took slides and later tried to show them to Deranged.[1] Later, Cleanex left Earth to live in the Not-too-bright dimension.[3]

Soon afterward, Doormammoomoo started manipulating Deranged using Benny Barumpbump, a young comic whom he imbued magick in. Inhabitants of the Not-too-bright-dimension noticed that Doormammoomoo was showing an irrational attention to Earth comedy. Cleanex suspected foul play and followed Doormammoomoo to Earth, in time to join Barumpbump and save Deranged.[3]

Later, when Cleanex disappeared, Doctor Deranged went to several dimensions looking for her, assuming that any of his enemies had kidnapped her. Deranged went to the Dimly-Lit-Dimension-That-Didn't-Pay-Its-Light-Bill and used the Flashlight of Mister Moto to see. There, he fought the (really) Mindless Ones and defeated them, but attracted the attention of Doormammoomoo. Deranged discovered that Doormammoomoo had not captured Cleanex, but nonetheless Doormammoomoo threatened Deranged. Deranged mentioned Doormammoomoo that his head was on fire, and Doormammoomoo ran away in dread through his domain.[2]

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Doormammoomoo; (really) Mindless Ones; Gabop; Waloo; Cleanex on occassion.


It is Earth-9047's version of Earth-616's Dark Dimension.

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