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Quote1.png I, Marble Girl, will help dispose of you telephonetically... er, telegraphically... I mean... Oh, well, however I do it, the main thing is that it works... sometime! Quote2.png
Marble Girl

Appearing in "Defeated by the Evil Electrico"

Featured Characters:

  • Scaredevil (Splat Murdock)

Supporting Characters:

  • Hoggy Nelson
  • Karen Rage


  • Electrico



Synopsis for "Defeated by the Evil Electrico"

Splat Murdock would like to confess his love of his secretary Miss Rage, but he feels that he can't as long as he has his double identity of Scaredevil. He decides to give up being Scaredevil once and for all, after one last battle and unmasking. He pays a visit to his old foe Electrico, surrenders and offers to allow Electrico to unmask him. Electrico suspects that this is a trick, and he attacks Scaredevil with electric bolts and eventually tosses him out a window. For the next ten years Scaredevil tries to find someone to defeat him and unmask him, but nobody will do it. Finally he decides to unmask himself in front of everyone, only to discover that over those ten years he has lost all his hair, and Miss Rage is no longer interested.

Appearing in "Kayoed By Krank"

Featured Characters:

  • Sunk Mariner


  • Warlord Krank
  • Lord Nasty
  • Dorma
  • Aqualung Man


Synopsis for "Kayoed By Krank"

Warlord Krank takes control of Prince No-More's kingdom. However this doesn't really bother No-More, as he is finally free from all the pressures of ruling, not to mention the nagging of Lady Darnit. Eventually Krank begs No-More to take his kingdom back, but No-More refuses, instead deciding that he would rather start a new life up on dry land.

Appearing in "If Magneat-o Should Clobber Us..."

Featured Characters:

  • Echhs Men
    • Icy Man
    • Angel-Face
    • Marble Girl
    • Cyclomps
    • Beastly
    • Professor Echhsavier


  • Magneat-O


Synopsis for "If Magneat-o Should Clobber Us..."

Magneat-o infiltrates Professor Echhsavier's School For Gifted Guys an' Gals disguised as a young new recruit. He manages to finally defeat the Echhs-Men, but they bounce back with the aid of their large word balloons (seriously).


This issue contains the title's first letters page, titled "THIS Is A Letters Page?"


The Doom Patrol make an appearance

  • In this issue, "Magneto" mistakes a group of four for the X-Men, that is in fact the Doom Patrol. This is a parody of the great similarities between the two teams, who have often been connected. Actually, the Doom Patrol came out several months before the X-Men first did... and this has led to serious accusations of plagiarism. [1]

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