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Earth-15797 was a world that did not have super-heroes. When Rhomann Dey passed his Nova powers, they would be endowed to a homeless man named Jesse. However, Jesse considered the costume ridiculous, but decided to carry it with him in a bag. On a snowy Christmas Eve, Jesse and his cat were kicked out of a hotel. Jesse optimistically wandered through the cold night, wearing his Nova costume underneath his regular clothes for warmth.

Jesse eventually came to an orphanage and asked if he could spend the night in exchange for completing some odd jobs. The old woman at the door, Catherine, let him in with a warning about how much of a handful the children could be. Jesse, however, got along great with the kids, telling them interesting stories about his life.

However, the orphanage was then attacked by the Skrulls, who had detected the Nova power source and decided to investigate. Jesse was blasted by the Skrulls when he stood up to them and, to their suprise, it had no effect. Jesse then changed into his Nova costume and fought against the Skrulls, allowing them to capture him in order to ensure the safety of Catherine and the children.

The Skrulls, thinking that Jesse was unconscious, brought him aboard and discussed their imminent takeover of Earth. Hearing this, Jesse jumped to his feet and started fighting the Skrulls. Discovering that he was on the mothership with the head commander of the invasion, Jesse, feeling that there was no other way, destroyed the consoles and caused the ship to explode, killing them all.


Seemingly those of Richard Rider (Earth-616)#Powers when he first got his powers.

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