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This Nova Corps helmet was designed to be used by members of the elite Supernovas. It was passed down to Sam Alexander from his father, Jesse Alexander. It has been used by other members, Mister Z'zz, Phlish, who seemed to have bonded with helmet rather than worn it, and the ex-Nova, Titus.[1]

Unlike a regular Nova Star, which receives its power directly from the Nova Force via the Xandarian Worldmind, the Supernovas receive their powers from on-board reactors in their helmets.[2]

The helmet was taken by Nova Corps Commander Scott Adsit when the Champions returned Warbringer to custody.[3] It was mysteriously stolen by a member of the Thieves Guild of New York and seen temporarily in the possession of Spider-Man.[4][5]

Alternate Reality Versions


On Earth-18150, the Nova Helmet was first seen after Sam Alexander's 1000th adventure as Nova. His son, Jesse, whacked Sam on the head with a stick and took the Nova Helmet, because he felt it was his turn to become the worlds newest Nova.[6]


On Earth-12041, the Supernova Helmet is a level for the gold Centurion Nova helmets that can only be achieved after unlocking their full potential, these also appear to be the only type of helmets that have access to the Nova Force. Sam Alexander of this universe found this out after battling Titus.[7]




Sam viewing deceased K'Thol's history through his nova helmet

Can translate languages from different species.[1]

Allows the wielder to breathe in space,[1] or underwater.[9]

Records and displays holograms.[10]

Attaches Supernova uniform.[10]

Feeds information into the wielders brain and forces them to multitask.[11]

Enables the wielder to slow down when approaching something in its path and then speed up again when there is a clear path.[11]

Flashes different colors to warn the wielder of something.[11]

  • Red: Approaching destination [11]

Nova HUD[11]

  • Reveals name and affiliation[11]

Grants the wielder the entire cosmic powers of the Nova Force.[1]

Transfers history of the past wielder.[14]

Registers functional and defunct helmets and when a defunct helmet is activated, all helmets signal a sound.[15]

It can detect the signal of a Nova Helmet, used nearby.[16]

Has optical zoom, tells him how fast objects are moving towards him and how soon they will hit.[17]


  • Supernovas do not retain their powers if they take off their black helmets in Earth-616.[citation needed] In Earth-TRN361, an alternate future, Sam still had his powers despite the loss of his helmet.[citation needed]
  • The helmet only works for the person it assigned to and anyone who shares DNA with that person.[10]

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