Nova Roma is a hidden city in the Amazon Jungle of Brazil, South America. It was founded in 44, B.C. just after the death of Julius Caesar.[1]

Modern Era

Selene created the land of Nova Roma in Brazil, bringing outsiders to her paradise with her psychic powers and forcing them to worship her as the Dark Priestess. She led everyone to believe Nova Roma was a colony of the ancient Roman Empire, until she was discovered by the New Mutants..[2]

Later it was reveled that actually Nova Roma is a real colony of descendants of the old Roman Empire and that an unidentified agency made the citizens of Nova Roma believe that Selene created it. With time the memory of the Nova Romanii, and of Magma (Amara Aquilla), returned[3] and they tried to repopulate their hidden city.

Points of Interest

  • Amazon Jungle
  • Amazonian Forest




Later, Hammer Bay, the capital of Genosha, was rebuilt as Black Roma, in reference to Nova Roma.

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