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Nova Prime

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Synopsis for "Nova"

The story starts with a spaceship 96 million miles from Earth. A log data recording has been made, showing that whoever is in the ship is pursuing someone called Zorr, although a previous encounter left the pursuer crippled. The scene then switches to a basketball game in Harry S. Truman High School, where Rich Rider has failed to block a basket, and thus losing the game for his team. Rich is threatened by an angry classmate named Mike Burley. Rich's friend Ginger helps him from the ground, and tries to lift his spirits by taking him to a café called "Uncle Fudge's". The scene switches back to the spaceship, now only 800,000 miles from Earth. The pursuer of Zorr reveals himself to be a Centurion, and vows not to die until he has defeated the evil Zorr. He realizes he has not the strength to continue and decides to send his strength to someone on Earth to continue the battle for him. The scene switches back to Earth and Uncle Fudge's, where Ginger is cheering up Rich. Mike makes another appearance and hits Rich, just as the Centurion's power strikes the latter. Mike runs off thinking he was responsible for Rich collapsing. Later in Hempstead Hospital, Rich is in a coma, surrounded by Ginger, his father Charles, mother Gloria, brother Robert and a doctor. In his coma, Rich sees the alien craft, and the Centurion tells him that he has received his Nova-Prime powers and he must destroy Zorr, as he is dying. Gloria notices Rich rising from his coma, he bursts into spasms then fires streaks of power from his eyes. The family are all happy he is awake, and the doctor is unsure what happened.

"Chapter 2: The Coming of Nova"
Rich and Ginger walk into school, where they meet Mike and his girlfriend Donna-Lee Dover. Mike and Donna-Lee make fun of Rich. Roger Cooper and Bernie Dillon are seen in the background. Bernie stands up for Rich, and Donna-Lee and Mike leave. In mathematics class, Rich is daydreaming about the Nova-Prime Centurion, his teacher notices this and asks him a difficult question. Rich starts to say he doesn't know when he suddenly knows the answer in his head. The teacher is surprised at Rich's sudden brilliance. After classes Ginger invites Rich to go to Uncle Fudge's, but Rich wants to be alone. Ginger is worried about him. Back at home Rich decides Nova-Prime was just a dream as he has no evidence of powers. All of a sudden he is struck again and receives the Nova uniform. He feels the power flow through him.

"Chapter 3: Star-Power"
In his Nova suit, Rich rushes through the sky amazed by his powers of flight. He then decides to test his invulnerability and crashes through cars in a junkyard, hardly feeling it. Nova thinks of all the things he could do with this power, but remembers Nova-Prime telling him to use the power for good. Suddenly, his helmet tunes into the police radio band, where he discovers something big is going on downtown. Rich, Donna-Lee and Ginger notice Nova streaking through the sky and rush to see what's going on.

"Chapter 4: Enter: Zorr the Conqueror"
Downtown, Nova encounters Zorr. Claiming Zorr had already killed Nova, he fires at him. Nova dodges by a hair's length. Evidently, Rich doesn't know how to use his powers properly. Nova shoots towards Zorr with a kick, then lands a punch on him. Zorr tries to smash Nova, who leaps out the way. Zorr rips down a wall, causing a civilian to fall. Nova flies up and saves him. While distracted, Zorr lands a punch in Nova's back. Mike, Donna-Lee and Ginger drive in in a jeep and Nova tells them to get away fast. Zorr then throws Nova into a building causing it to collapse on the jeep. With all his strength, Nova manages to hold the section of the building up long enough for the jeep to get away. Nova flies back to attack Zorr when he vanishes.

Back at home, Rich wonders how Zorr vanished, and believes that just before he died, Nova-Prime used the last of his power to destroy him.


  • Letters (issue pages): Rosen pages 1-15, 17-22, 26-31, Saladino (uncredited) pages 16, 23.

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