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Synopsis for "Four Against the Sphinx!"

Beating a villain named Firefly, who has been attacking power plants in the area, Nova is told by a police officer that he has been cleared of charges against him for the break in at the Air Force factory days previous. Richard returns home and changes into his civilian guise where he laments over his money situation and his brothers gloating of higher marks.

Meanwhile, the Condor, Diamondhead, and Powerhouse have fight their way into the inner sanctum of the Sphinx's base. The Sphinx displays his power and gives them an opportunity to leave, however the Condor is still determined to defeat the Sphinx. Richard, having changed back into Nova and on patrol, happens upon the villains and tries to attack. The Condor uses one of his stolen Xandarian weapons to encase Nova in an energy bubble.

Trying to find a way out, Nova tries to appeal to the captured Firefly, who refuses to help Nova, so Nova goes to a local nuclear plant and succeeds in burning off the bubble by exposing himself to the plans nuclear energy. Nova returns to the scene of the battle between the Condor and the Sphinx. There he is forced to fight Powerhouse, while Kur hopes to use the chaos to blast the Sphinx with a weapon which would erase the Sphinx's memory.

However, when Kur tries to blast the Sphinx, the Condor gets in the way of the shot when he tries to resume his attack on the Spinx. To try and cover for himself, Kur explains that he was trying to save his master, the Sphinx then uses his powers to change the Condor into a literal condor which flies off. While back inside his Pyramid of Knowledge, the fight between Powerhouse and Nova ends with Powerhouse knocking Nova out. However, Powerhouse also finds himself knocked out as well when he is blasted from behind by the Sphinx.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Rosen pages 2-17.

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