Quote1 I cannot take what I need from your mind while you have it guarded! So I leave now. I allow you to recover and I know you will. But know this, I will be watching you, Nova. And, when you are least expecting it -- I will return! And then I swear -- the secret will be mine! Quote2
-- Sphinx

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Synopsis for "Nova No More!"

Continued from last issue... Powerhouse and Nova have been knocked out by the power of the Sphinx who orders them to be probed. He then banishes Kur to a hell-like realm for his attempting to mind-wipe the Sphinx. While in Richard's home town, Ginger asks Bernie if he knows anything about Richards strange behavior of late, to which Bernie cannot say, but he is worried about Rich's behavior as well.

Back at the Sphinx's base, the Sphinx tries to gain control of Nova's powers but finds that he cannot. As he is denied that power, he uses his devices to strip Nova of the memory of his powers. He also strips Powerhouse of his memories and sends him to Britain and transports Richard back to his town. After being late for school, Richard's memories are slowly being awakened by the events that occur: The realization that he is failing courses due to his absences, his friends who mention his accident (the day he got his Nova powers), and later when his father tells him off.

The final straw is when Richard, Bernie and Caps take a visit to the local television studio, seeing Star Trek on TV causes Richard's memories to return. Rushing off to start a rematch with the Sphinx, Richard changes into Nova. However the Sphinx comes to him and the two have a battle. The Sphinx battles Nova into submission, however he departs, telling Nova that he will be watching and will attack again when Nova least expects it.


  • Saladino is credited simply as Gaspar.

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